Vintage Photo Albums


Who remembers these photo albums?  The spiral photo albums with fun designs on the cover?  On the inside – the pages with sticky glue to hold your photographs in place.  Some had a plastic cover over the page.

Okay well for the past couple months I’ve been very carefully pulling family memories off these pages from dozens of photo albums.  Why?  The adhesive destroys and ruins your photographs.  The glue over time will seep UP and hurt the image – remember these pages are pushed together when the album is closed so that adds to the danger factor.  There were a few of these photo albums that the adhesive sticky was gone and I could easily remove the photograph, but others the sticky did not want to let go and it took more time to remove the photo.

If you have photo albums like these filled with your memories, don’t give up hope!  Using an ordinary knife, not a sharp cutting knife because that could ruin the photo, carefully slip the knife under the photograph and work it off the page.  Take your time!  Don’t rush the process.  The photograph might be curled, don’t worry just gently flatten it out (put a fresh piece of xerox paper over the photograph, and then place books over it to flatten it.  The xerox paper will protect the photo).  Now just throw away the photo albums, you don’t need them.

What do you do with the photos now?  The ones I saved are categorized in filing boxes I bought at Michaels.  There’s also scrapbooking!  The old style look?


I highly recommend because your photos will last longer.  Use a solid color for both the background (images will show up on the back of your photos over time), and the corner mounts.  The metal corners over time will stain your photographs.  This particular way is tons easier too because you can write on the paper background.

Hope this helps you save those memories!

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