There is color!

A while back I posted about rants people have as to why colorization is wrong, and one of those is  – color. “You can’t get the color right for the time”, and you get the idea.  Well as it turns out I colorized a silent film star named Pauline Starke, and I’m going to use her photo to help strengthen the idea that yes, colorizing isn’t so bad.

I chose the photo because she’s wearing an outfit that’s Norse/Viking, and right now my colorizing seems to be costumes – hers is very Hollywood even for the Silent Film era.  Turns out, the film she was starring in at the time was The Viking and it was a very early Technicolor film.




Thanks to finding out who she was, and that she was in this film, I could use that information as reference for colorizing this piece.  I didn’t use my own colors, I used the colors from her costume and what I saw from the film.  The film itself, isn’t half bad.  It’s sort of like Ben Hur meets Captain Blood, but it is enjoyable.


So my point here is, there’s constant proof of color back then.  It just takes the effort of finding it.  Hope this helps!

2 thoughts on “There is color!

  1. I agree with you there! The main problem is now Hollywood has chosen to use CGI and other digital nonsense that detracts from the film. Back then, it was the age of discovering how to use such things


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