Vintage Manipulations

Take a look at this link:

Pretty creative, and even if you’re not a Star Wars fan admit it – some of those made you chuckle.  I’ve seen a few of others that show the original next to the manipulation (Star Trek, a bog monster, Bride of Frankenstein, etc.) but I couldn’t find them to show here. I had a friend ask me if photos like that are the same as colorizing, with all the strings attached.  Well, let’s break it down.

Colorized photographs you’re just placing color into a vintage photograph; there isn’t any other manipulation involved.  Artistic manipulations on vintage photographs shows an individual’s personal artistic touch (much like a painter placing their artwork over an old painting).  Placing The Avengers into photos of 1890s New York City isn’t going to get you into trouble like colorizing and selling a photo of Buster Keaton will.

Get creative, have fun!

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