Clients and Policies

Where would any business be without clients? They are the the reason any business is truly successful because without them, you’re just a one man band so to speak. Clients can range from models all the way to the customer. So how do you deal with a client that demands special requests? I mean we’ve covered things like uniforms HAVE to be a certain color or you get in trouble, and that not all photographs with stands behind the subject mean post mortem….but what if the client doesn’t care?

I worked in retail for YEARS and trust me, I know how difficult customers can be – if the item they want is out of stock they’re angry with you. If your store is small and is void of a particular department, they’re mad at you. How does this work with colorizing photographs? Well say a customer comes to you and asks if you will colorize this photograph


However, you’re asked to remove the lion all together and just colorize the girl. The colors requested are bright neon 1980s/1990s colors instead of the subtle colors that fit the time this photograph was shot. What do you do? Risk not getting paid by saying “I can’t do that”, or just go ahead and do as requested and take the warning?  Take it from someone who was an assistant manager and dance instructor – follow policy or else your butt ends up in the fire.

Well first of all this particular image is from the very first Wizard of Oz Broadway show back in 1917, and since the franchise is still popular today anything surrounding Wizard of Oz has to have permission before any manipulation process can be done. If you make contact and get permission for the client, make sure to go the extra mile and ask about usage of color on the photograph (it may sound odd, but the franchise has the upper hand in this), and if the usage contradicts what your client wants – contact the client. The client will either scrap the idea and walk away from you, or go along with it and understand the reason because surprisingly not all clients disagree.

You’re not always going to come across this sort of scenario – where a photograph limits you and makes you go on a treasure hunt. The request could be something as simple as a family photograph or a random photo someone found at a yard sale. Just make sure to keep up with your research and history because there’s always going to be that client who will ask you to restore/colorize a photograph, and it’s the John Dillinger of photographs.

Hope this helps!

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