Helpful tip

When you’re restoring your photographs, and removing all those spots, what tool do you use?  I noticed a lot of tutorials tell you to use the clone stamp; at times that can be a quick fix but what if the photo is badly damaged and it’s going to take some time to fix?  Here’s a suggestion


On your tool list, notice the one above the paintbrush and below the eyedropper?  That’s the patch tool.  When you select that tool, then select a spot in the photograph


From there, place the cursor inside the selected area, and then move it.  The selected area will capture where you place it, and the spot will be gone.


The clone stamp is great for seams and lines, but for this sort of thing I’d recommend the patch tool because the clone stamp tends to matte things down the more you use it on solid color.  The patch tool won’t do that.

Hope this helps!

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