Should I pick a time in history?

Anyone who starts a business has to know that they need to stand out.  In the culinary field, if you open an Italian restaurant how are you going to stand out from every other Italian restaurant?  When I graduated from college, I was the only one who decided to center her portfolio around something other than portraiture – and people loved it.  Portraiture, when done right, can be mesmerizing but if done the same exact way it’s just bland.

So say you want to start your own business in the vintage colorizing field; you’ve done all the research, but the only problem is how do you stand out from all the others so people flock to you?  Is there a particular time in history that you’re interested in, or a famous person?  Instead of trying so hard to focus on Civil War, Steampunk, 1920s, WWII and the more popular themes from history, take a different approach like I did.

When it comes to my restorations/colorizations, they stretch The Victorian Era into the 1930s.  Performers, athletes, famous icons, comical images, fashion, the list goes on.  Why don’t I stick to a particular theme?  The trick is I do.  Every single photograph has a story – people look at the photos I restore and colorize because there’s a story to go with it.  I’m not always successful, but I at least try to find what I can.  Also the coloring technique I use is meant to keep the photo looking vintage instead of like it was photographed yesterday.  A couple photos I’ve given a 3D effect to, not harsh but very subtle and people love it.

To stand out doesn’t always mean colorizing that particular era in history.  It could mean your colorizing style, or a particular type of photograph (ambrotype, tintype, cabinet card, etc.).  Best advice I can give is just take a day and figure it out; never hurts to check out Pinterest and look at old cabinet cards or ambrotypes.  Sometimes they spark ideas.

Hope this helps!

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