Now that colorizing has become popular, I want you to take a moment and look at this photograph from WWI

Amazing isn’t it?  Did you read the article too?  Autochrome was invented by two French brothers, Auguste & Louise Lumiere, and they basically invented color photography in the early 1900s with a special process that I never remember.  The colors are always so bright and vibrant – if you ever read up on them, those brothers had a thing for color.

Now that autochrome has been discovered (again), there has been speculation.  I’ve seen several people worried that the modern colorized photos are going to be mistaken for vintage autochrome and I have the answers for that.

– Colorizers always have an original photo to place next to the colored version.  With Autochrome, there’s only the colored version.

– The vibrant colors were always used, and they are always set in Europe (usually Britain and France).  I haven’t seen a colorizer match the Autochrome color palette.

So I think it’s safe to say Autochrome will stay on top when it comes to vintage color photos.

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